Ribbon Halter Top

For one of my costume classes we had to create a piece of clothing from urban materials. I bought curling ribbon and bows from a dollar store. This was a fun project.


I decided to treat the ribbon as if it were yarn. Eyeballing the gauge I went with 4.5mm knitting needles. Since I only had one spool of ribbon I decided to knit a cute hippie style halter top. Over the years I’ve made a number of these tops out of fabric and yarn so I didn’t bother with a pattern. I just cast on a handful of stitches for the top edge and increased gradually until it reached the width and length I wanted.


Then I used more ribbon to fasten the bows down to the top and to create neck and side ties. The leftover ribbon was used for bottom fringe.

It’s kind of scratchy but it’s so cute I think I’ll find an excuse to wear it somewhere. After I turn it in for a grade. It was a delight to be able to knit for a homework assignment!

Baby Monster Hat

Where have I been? I’ve been super busy with school. It’s a dream come true to be back in college! Despite my large amount of homework I’ve managed to get a few projects finished these last few months.

My friend P is having a baby. I decided to make a baby monster hat for him.


He said “now that’s awesome” when he opened it. His wife likes it too. The hat was a hit!


I’m really happy with how it turned out and will likely make this my go to baby gift from now on.


Green Whair

My sister Abbey and I came up with the idea of Whair-yarn wigs. They’re fun to make and even more fun to wear. I made one for our friend Kim.


I knit a skull cap out of acrylic yarn then took a crochet hook and looped in a bunch of cool yarn for the hair. Thinner yarn was used for the bangs. After all the “hair” was on I gave it a trim so it looked like a peppy bob hair cut.


And yes she’s wearing the shaggy scarf I made.


It looks like Muppet hair to me.

Belly dance jewelry

I love making jewelry for belly dancing. These were made this summer. Red and silver earrings:


The centerpiece in this long necklace hangs underneath a short belly dance top.


My latest belly dance outfit is done and I made jewelry and a headpiece to match. Pics soon!

Monster Pouch

I came up with a new monster design! Sometimes I need a mini purse-something small to hold quarters for laundry and my phone. When I decided to sew myself a cute pouch for such occasions I decided to get my growl on:


This little monster is cute and simple-no pockets or zipper. I put on a ribbon for a shoulder strap.


I’m so happy with how it turned out! Would you like one of your own? Email me at twilightkallisti atgmaildotcom

Back To School Sweater


I’m going back to school this fall to finish my degree. I wanted a very special sweater to celebrate this event so I went with my coveted Noro Silk Garden. It’s been in my stash for years.


The pattern is called the Hourglass Sweater from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. This is a great pattern. I made the mistake of not checking for errata and ended up knitting the yoke three times before realizing the error of my ways. The fourth yoke was the keeper.


Squeeee I love this sweater so much!


The pattern calls for putting in hems but I chose not to because I liked how the ends curled up. I just omitted the purl row in the instructions. I knit every two rows with different balls of Noro to up the variegation factor. Love the results!


I knit every two rows with different balls of Noro to up the variegation factor. Love the results!


My knitting assistant helped me block the sweater. Putting in the kitty goodness is a vital step!

Monster Chalk Bags


I made up more some monster chalk bags for my soon to be launched Etsy store. These look great climbing up rock. Every time you reach in for more chalk it looks like the monster is nomming on your hand. Growl on!

Tie Skirt

Guess what I finally finished?


This skirt took me eight years to make. Mind you it spent the majority of those years in time out. All the ties were found at thrift stores.

Back when I begin this project I was in an anarchic phase in my sewing life. I couldn’t be bothered to measure fabric and following a pattern was unthinkable. I just wanted to sew fabric right now man. I couldn’t be bothered with a plan.

In my experience that kind of mentality only works if you finish a project in a short amount of time. Unfortunately I began the tie skirt shortly before I moved several times. Over the years I would pull the project out and just feel dismay. What in the world had I been thinking?

Let’s pause the tale for a close up!


I’ve moved several times over the last eight years and the tie skirt always came with me. There would be a time when I would finish it-I was sure of it! I’m on a finishing trend as of late so knew this summer it would finally be completed.

Originally there was a zipper. That wasn’t working so I went with elastic instead. Putting in the muslin lining was an exercise in patience because of all the triangle points but it turned out fine.


How happy am I to have finished this skirt?


So very very happy! This is my fave new skirt and I always get compliments when I wear it out.

Action shot in my friend’s back yard:


More mini monsters!


I made several more mini monsters. These ones are knit from leftover yarn from my monster hats. I’m having fun giving them distinct personalities. These will go into the Etsy shop soon.

Ruffle Skirt and Headband

I originally started this project back in 2012. Ruffle yarn was hip at the time and I wanted to knit something other than the obligatory scarf that seemed to be everywhere. So I improvised a skirt design with matching headband. Shortly after knitting the skirt life in New Mexico got crazy and knitting projects took a backseat. Now that I’m settled into my new life in Portland the time had come to finish it.


The skirt is a simple stockinette with a zipper at the side which in hindsight is superfluous. I knit several rounds of ruffles until I was pleased with the poof level.


For the headband I knit three ruffle flowers and sewed them onto a simple headband strip. I used fabric stiffener to keep the flowers in bloom.


Now I just have to find an event to attend so I can debut it!